Advantages and disadvantages of mobile phone maintenance and everything you need to know about it

The phone has become an integral part of our day, and therefore any damage or malfunction in the mobile phone causes disruption of daily tasks. This is why we explain the most important advantages and disadvantages of mobile maintenance.

In our time, using the mobile phone is not limited to just entertainment and spending a good time, but rather it has become one of the basic tools for completing tasks, and the best communication tool in the world.

Therefore, if the phone is damaged, the individual feels as if life has been interrupted, and he begins to think here whether it is better to maintain the phone or replace it, and whether it is true or whether both matters have advantages and disadvantages, so we explain to you the advantages and disadvantages of mobile phone maintenance in detail.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of mobile maintenance?

If you want to know the most important advantages and disadvantages of mobile phone maintenance, even though the mobile phone is one of the tools that is characterized by its great importance in our lives, it is in the end a double-edged sword, and so is the maintenance process. There are times when maintenance has great advantages for the mobile phone.

Other times, replacing the phone with a new one is better, and here we explain to you the advantages and disadvantages of mobile maintenance:

First: Advantages of mobile phone maintenance

You do not need to learn the phone’s operating system again: it will require getting to know the new mobile interface. Rather, repairing the phone helps save time and effort.

Saving on the cost of purchase: The cost of purchasing a new phone will certainly be more than the cost of maintenance, and for many people your budget may not allow you to take such a step at that time, especially since purchasing a phone may affect all of your financial plans at that time, making the individual bear a financial burden. additional.

Enjoy changing the look of the phone: You may feel bored with the usual color of your phone, but when repairing the phone you can change the color and design of the mobile using mobile covers.

Data transfer problem: Your original phone certainly contains a large number of applications, photos, video clips, numbers, and files, and therefore you will have to transfer all of this to a new phone, which will have to consume a lot of time and effort, in addition to inevitably losing a lot of data.

Controlling environmental pollution: The world tends to exploit every technology tool, and tries to recycle them, and thus disposing of the phone without using it increases environmental pollution.

Phone warranty: Getting rid of the phone without returning to the warranty center is a waste of money, because most companies give a 12-month warranty in the event of any damage to the mobile phone, free of charge, and if necessary, they will replace the mobile phone, so you should take advantage of this service instead of losing it. .

Second: Disadvantages of mobile phone maintenance

After we mentioned in the previous lines the advantages of mobile phone maintenance, we will explain in the following lines the most important disadvantages of mobile phone maintenance and how to avoid these problems:

1. Time taken

One of the biggest disadvantages that a phone owner may face is waiting for the mobile phone to be repaired, and thus this causes disruption to his work or studies, if he relies on the mobile phone primarily in aspects of his life, and it certainly requires waiting a relatively long time, especially if the damage is significant.

2. Blackmail

Sometimes, even though you may have gotten rid of the phone data, or did not allow you the opportunity to get rid of the phone’s personal data, the maintenance owner exploits this data with the aim of blackmailing, whether for pictures or conversations, and so on. Therefore, we advise you to go to the original maintenance centers and make sure that all security measures are applied.

3. Type and quality of repair

Many unreliable centers may rely on mediocre or poor repair tools, which affects the performance of the mobile phone and may even help repeat the problem or cause another problem.

A type of exploitation may occur where you are asked for high fees despite using poor tools, so make sure you choose a place that relies on choosing original, high-quality tools and spare parts. We have explained to you some important points about how to become a professional graphic designer. You can find out in detail on our website.

4. Loss of original warranty

All phone companies warn against repairing the phone outside the official maintenance centers. If this happens, this means that the user has abandoned the warranty, and thus you may lose the original warranty due to your reliance on external maintenance sources.

Types of hardware repairs

There are many parts that are repaired in the mobile phone, in which you must consider whether it is worth repairing them or replacing the phone as a whole. These repairs are as follows:

  • Insufficient storage space problem.
  • Slow operation.
  • The phone broke down completely.
  • Broken screen.
  • Battery replacement
  • start button.
  • Charging port.
  • Headphone port.
  • Memory card reader.
  • SIM card slot.
  • Power button.
  • Volume button.
  • Mouthpiece.
  • Front or back camera.
  • Cracked housing.
  • Mobile main board.
  • Problems resulting from the phone being exposed to water.
  • Phone overheating problem.
  • Loudspeaker.

How to choose reliable places for mobile repair

You must know that the advantages and disadvantages of mobile phone maintenance are largely determined by your choice of the maintenance location, whether this center is reliable or unreliable, so we explain to you some of the basics that determine the choice of the appropriate place:

Choose a place that has high ratings and is known for its reputation and honesty.
You must ensure the skill of the technicians working in the center, and it is preferable to consult someone who has dealt with the center previously.
The price of the repair must be taken into consideration. The price must be appropriate for the type of service. If the fees are high, make sure first that the type of service they provide is high.
What is their commitment to the repair period, and does it take them a long time or not? All repairs do not require waiting a long time, but if your phone requires the use of rare spare parts in that case, you may need to wait a long time.
It is preferable to go to the original maintenance centers for your type of phone.

Tips for mobile maintenance

Here are some tips that you must adhere to in order to be able to maintain your mobile phone correctly to avoid maintenance defects:

  • It is preferable to have the phone serviced at the official maintenance center for your type of phone, in order to ensure the level of service and to enjoy the warranty.
  • You must replace the phone’s spare parts with original ones, because they are one of the most important things that significantly affect the phone’s operating
  • system after it undergoes maintenance, if it is working properly or if you encounter problems in dealing with the phone.
  • It is preferable to expedite phone maintenance, so that the defect that appears on the mobile phone in general does not affect other functions.
  • Make sure to go to a maintenance center known for the quality and cleanliness of the equipment it uses.
  • It is preferable to completely transfer the phone’s data before handing the phone over to the service center, and definitely make sure to delete all this data
  • beforehand to avoid extortion problems.
  • Choose a place that is known for its commitment to delivering the phone on time, so that your business is not disrupted.
  • Get rid of the dust that accumulates on the inside of the mobile phone.


In the end, the advantages and disadvantages of mobile phone maintenance are mainly related to the type of damage. There are some damages that require paying high fees, such as purchase fees, and some damages that can prevent you from purchasing and have a negative impact on your budget.

Therefore, if you take the step of mobile phone maintenance, you must choose a reliable place and address the problem, and not rely on external repair, ignoring the basic problems.

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